Top 7 best offline games for iPhone with the most multiplayer (Part 2)

5. Geometry Dash Lite

If you enjoy action games, Geometry Dash Lite is the name you need in the list of offline games or iOS titles. With the competitive and brain-damaging gameplay identical to the classic game Flappy Bird, as you enter the world of Geometry Dash Lite, it is clear that freedom from the game is impossible for everyone. In the video, you ‘re going to have to navigate a non-stop dance box in a world full of blocks with a very vivid musical background.

6. Punch Quest 

Punch Quest has quickly become the star of NSX Rocketcat and Madgarden, making a very enjoyable and highly enticing title in the never-ending gaming genre. Participating in the world of Punch Search, the character can immediately fly, the only role of the player will be to execute the character’s actions to solve the obstacles on the game screen that clearly here is the objective. Destruction by hostile goblins.

7. Swing Copters 

The last of the 7 strong offline games for the iphone is for the Vietnamese series, the father of the iconic series Flappy Bird is Swing Copters. Inheriting Flappy Bird is a series of gaming games that are simple, but also inhibitory and addictive.

There’s no doubt that Swing Copters like a lot of Flappy Chicken. And the combat mechanics of these two games are very similar. Some users in Vietnam said they’re playing and sharing the Swing Copters game more than they’re excited about and want to conquer like Flappy Bird.

With the crowd influence and the PR of the public, it is clear that right before the release of the game, Swing Copters stood out from other sports, and that left many people interested and excited to hear about the game. This one. Crowd dynamics eventually contributes to people interacting, and Swing Copters are naturally well known to all.

 Be careful when playing this app, or your iPhone will be smashed. 

These are all 7 good offline games for iOS that you should have on your iPhone, iPad, to be amused at any time without having to have 3 G or Wi-Fi.