Top 3 worst guns in Call of duty Mobile

If you want to shoot from a very distant distance, it is a good choice to choose the top 3 best sniper rifles. Besides, you should avoid using these guns to play because of their bad quality.

1. ICR-1

The most frustrating thing about this fully automatic weapon is that it caps the damage at 45, so it will take you a while to take the enemy out. ICR-1 has a low degree of injury yet excellent accuracy and versatility. However, this does not offer much profit to the match.

The only point that is worth the ICR-1 is its decent accuracy and low recoil, but that doesn’t help a lot when the damage is low. However, with the use of the right accessories, even these drawbacks can be changed. At that time, the ICR-1 would have the following indicators: 

Damage: 55 (+10 for FMJ) 

Fire rate: 57. 

Precision: 84 (+10 with Foregrip ) 

Mobility: 70 (+10 with stock) 

-Range: 48 (+5 with Red Dot sight)

2. S36

The S36 is the Call Of Duty Mobile version of the QBB LSW gun in Call Of Duty: Black Ops II. It is a fully automatic light machine gun with the highest rate of fire of all guns of this class.

The only advantage of this gun is its fast reloading time and high fire rate

The S36 can be used as a substitute for Type 25 as it has greater lethality, range and firing rate, but is best equipped with a secondary weapon. With all the necessary attachments, the S36 has the following specifications: 

Damage: 80 (+10 for FMJ) 

Fire rate: 75. 

-Exactness: 42 

Mobility: 50 (+10 with stock )

-Range: 51 (+5 with Red Dot sight) 

-The Fast Draw Handle increases the speed of targeting

3. M4LMG

Great retraction is the main downside of M4LMG and includes added attachments to minimize retraction. You can only use this weapon with attachments such as the Foregrip handle, the Fast Draw handle, and the stock. The accessories will partially compensate for the weakness of the weapons. For accessories, M4LMG has the best numbers as follows: 

Loss to: 60 

-Time of fire: 55 

Accuracy: 65 (+10 for Foregrip) 

Mobility: 50 (+10 with stock) 

Range: 50 (+5 with  Red Dot sight ) 

-The Fast Draw Handle increases the speed of targeting