Top 3 best sniper rifles in Call Of Duty Mobile

Call Of Duty Mobile’s got a lot of guns from long range to near range, melee, … for the players to pick from. 

A strong sniper gun is capable of taking down an opponent with just 1 shot from a very distant distance, in a Call Of Duty Mobile match, having a few snipers on the squad is going to be a lot more ideal.

1-The Arctic.50 

Theoretically, the Arctic.50 is the second best choice, but it may be the most dangerous choice in practice. The skill range for targeting an apple may be much broader than shooting the body, but the heat and damage rate of the pistol makes up for that.

A professional player will take advantage of the Arctic.50 more than the DL Q33 and younger players will be forgiven for losing out on the first attempt. This is a comprehensive collection of COD Handheld sniper rifles.

 2-DL Q33-DL Q33 

A lot of people would put the DL Q33 at the top of the chart, and in principle, they may be right. The lethal production of this pistol is one of the key factors. Every enemy that flies in front of your eyes is killed by one strike, and it is incredibly powerful in the hands of a good gamer. It could make any flaws for players who miss their head shots.

However, the firing rate on the DL Q33 is poor, which means you’re going to aim slower than the enemy and it’s going to be bad if you miss the shot fully, which happens more frequently because COD Mobile controls are easier. If a player missed the first shot in a battle, there was obviously no second shot.

3-The Locus 

Locus is similar to other snipers in the COD Mobile game

Locus also has the maximum set of features needed for a long range damage sniper rifle, … However, Locus only ranks 3 on this list because its target speed is not very good.