The State of Survival is formally introduced today: get ready to fight for survival

On the other hand, while not too taxing in terms of the setup of mobile devices, the State of Survival offers players a rather “value-for-money” experience. Survival in a doomsday universe where not only zombies are a threat, but even survivors out there will endanger your life.

The gameplay of State of Survival is a natural mix of the two styles of “strategy” and “survival” with the core missions of survival, construction and struggle. Starting from the rubble, players would have to create from the most simple structures: foundation (head office), logging field, fields, hospitals… in order to be able to manage capital and secure the survivors. Often building still takes a lot of time, players can pay attention to the time they need to finish the upgrade so that they can begin to upgrade other buildings as quickly as possible.

The combat process in the State of Survival is relatively easy, but the player cannot disregard it when faced with deadly zombies-not to mention any special ability bosses. There are also ways to minimize damage to your powers, such as: periodically update generals to get the best numbers, or monitor champions strike in front to avoid zombies. , or use the emulsion to help combustion, and at the same time inflict great harm… 

Combat efficacy is going to come from these apparently very limited data

In a complex system of generals graded by role and consistency, players would have hundreds of different ways to organize a squad like that, based on the gameplay that players choose. Any of the specific formations may be listed, such as the offensive lineup involves champions capable of dealing with wide area damage (e.g. Miho, Mike, Wolfe) or a defensive formation, usually capable of holding back the Heroes-slowly and slowly killing all zombies such as Sarge, Rusty, Ghost.