Star Smash is a new mobile game launched a few weeks ago in Japan by Disney and Japanese developer XFLAG.

Star Smash, according to the story, centers around a fantasy competition known as the Star Ball. The entire plot revolves around the lead character, Yu, the creator of the Red Brave squad. 

The game is a combination of tennis and pinball, with RPG elements provided in the form of a manga storyline. Theoretically, it promises to offer a special, fresh experience to the world.

Gamers can choose either a single player or a 4-player co-op mode, where they smash a tennis ball to hit the other side of the vertical screen. 

In order to achieve more complicated combos, players must continuously bounce the ball and accurately align it to fulfill those targets, not just arbitrarily swinging! 

In addition, the game has drawn the interest of classic Disney characters such as “Superman Family” The Incredibles, “The Little Mermaid” , “ The Little Mermaid, “Cinderella” Aladin, and several more famous names.

So what particular positions are they playing? The solution is talent cards that provide players with new capabilities and improvements, broken down into different oddities and variables. 

This would then be a resounding success as it is released on mobile devices. The truth, however, is not that smooth. 

Specifically, the Japanese user ranking for Google Play is just 3.7, with just over 100,000 downloads

Clearly, these figures do not meet hopes, but they also serve to show one thing: even with the assistance of the Disney franchise, the games cannot simply transform flawlessly and reap. Simple Ads (another recent example involves Marvel’s Avengers on PC/Console).

Although the gameplay is relatively good, the manufacturer’s use of Disney characters as skill cards, rather than making them into player characters with their own special skills, is a colossal loss. Star Smash is not actually being released in regions outside Japan.