Mobile Legends: 3 generals who have led to the victory

Mobile Legends will feature these 3 generals who have won a convincing Overclockers Championship.


This is known to be a tank with a very positive attitude towards the beginning of action, which is of the average kind. This general was used by both teams and appeared in the final in all three matches. Minotaur is known to be the most important general in this game. You will win so quickly thanks to this champion.

However, you can’t ignore that General Kullzo is the most professional player on the Overclockers side when he coordinates very smoothly with this general. There’s a source of damage here that isn’t minimal enough to pinch the attacker. So, in the face of Kullzo’s rolling, there was a lot of firepower to make it simpler for Taku and Bad Apple to treat the main building, taking the championship cup to the dark horse of the game. 

This tie-in was a fantastic win for this winner


Before the final match began, the group had speculated that General Lunox will be the champion who is supposed to be the most strong and highly regarded card. This is a female mage general who carries immense strength and threatens several various generals with two battle states: Light and Dark. As a result, she is the first female general in this game and also the best female general in the game.

Khu Rfa

A fair alternative for this general to fight the enemy’s high-mobility team. This is considered a really strong team fighting champion such that when it’s possible to position all the goals in one place, it’s easier for teammates to kill. Through the management and creativity of this general, General Khufra’s players have taken more than a dozen lives on SBTC Mobile Legends. That led greatly to Game 2 win, making Overclockers more optimistic, and the opponent was hindered and impaired by psychology when he went to Game 3 aliv.