Legend of Runeterra and all the newbies need to know right away

If you’re a fan of the Legend of Runeterra-Riot Games strategy card game, it’s going to be hard for you to stay still in the last few days when this game is finally on the market.

Familiarity in the League of Legends 

Players will easily remember lands like Demacia, Noxus, or common generals like Yasuo, Lee Sin, and Jinx. The basic explanation is that these two games coexist in the same world! If you already understand the abilities of that general in the League of Legends, you will certainly find these cards very familiar and fresh in the Legend of Runeterra.

Various card scheme 

The 500 Legendary Runeterra cards are categorized by Region-Card Tier-Card Type with different power characteristics, requiring players to blend skillfully to create successful strategies and gameplay.

Since there are up to 500 cards in each battle, players are only able to use 1 set of 40 cards in a limit of 2 zones. 

It gave rise to the most exciting and special decks of each player

The fighting system is made interactive 

The game will be played by two players-one attacking and the other defending. On each turn, Player A will use his cards to strike, then Player B will use his defensive cards, and vice versa. In the craft-hand method, both sides will constantly draw random cards from their decks. If the player does not have a defense card, the card will enter the Nexus directly and deduct the original point. Play comes to an end when the initial score exceeds 0 or 1 of the two sides surrender.

System of Mana 

One particular thing players should remember is that the Legend of Runeterra has a “mana” system-you’ll need enough mana to summon a card to play. Besides creating a “fully crafted” deck, handling and using the right mana is also a vital aspect of playing against other teams.

Let’s hope that the valuable details in the article will help readers get to know the Legend of Runeterra right in the early days of the launch of this mega card game.