Genshin Impact: Trailer is releasing version 1.2 with two new characters

On the night of December 11, the trailer for version 1.2 was officially released on live stream for the next version, along with a lot of detail.

The live seminar on version 1.2 of the game Genshin Impact was released in China and the English version of the replay will be released at 11:00 p.m. on the same day. 

A lot of useful details about the next 1.2 iteration of the Genshin Impact game was presented via the seminar

As a result, version 1.2, we’re going to visit a new land extended from Mondstadt along with the appearance of two brand new 5-star heroes, Albedo, and the most awaited character in version 1.2 – Ganyu. Accompanying this are four brand new weapons designed and plots drawn from this new frozen country.

We can clearly see from the teaser that the new land is a very unique land that is covered in snow all year long. And with the variation, new creatures from this frozen land emerged. Accompanying the latest monsters are the next four main events unveiled in the Genshin Impact game of course we don’t know the specifics of the events, but we do have some essential knowledge.

As for the characters that are distinct from the previous edition, Mihoyo only adds two significant 5- star characters, Albedo and Ganyu, and the following 4-star characters have not been revealed. In comparison, in the teaser, the length of the launch of the two new banners is very short (most likely to fear the error of repeating the Zhongli banner) so we do need a detailed video of the skills of the two characters.

In addition to all of the above, we still have many fascinating news, such as brand new tweaks and features such as: new wing costumes, talking with friends, raising cats, you can still stay hidden without escape,…