Genshin Impact expects to be the world’s leading title in the game business in 2020

With an exceptionally good launch, Genshin Impact is entirely capable of becoming the world leader in gaming when the year 2021 is very near. 

MiHoyo’s Genshin Effect blockbuster is already gaining momentum beyond everyone’s imagination as this game has coverage not just in China, but also internationally. 

The popularity of this game can be shown by the win at the Game of the Year award hosted by the two giants Apple and Google

Not only can they have a name, but Genshin Impact’s creator can still make a large amount of profit himself. Specifically, according to recent reports synthesized by Sensor Tower, the Genshin Effect has contributed up to USD 393 million to MiHoYo. 

This is also the revenue expected by many analysts before Genshin Effect was able to raise more than USD 250 million in the first week of its release on the Smartphone App.

Since it’s a free title, Genshin Impact’s entire income comes solely from this game’s gach system and functions much like other famous games published by the developer miHoYo. With this device, Genshin Effect has been the second-largest title in the world’s largest smartphone game ever since November 28.

Of course, China is still the country that spends most money on the Genshin Effect, since it alone generates revenue of up to USD 120 million, accounting for around 30 per cent of the game’s revenue. Japan is the second country to spend a lot of money on this game as the overall revenue in the cherry blossom country has hit USD 98 million, with the US ranking third at USD 74 million.

Released only in September, however Genshin Impact became the world’s biggest smartphone game in 2020 and aims to be one of the leading players in the gaming industry in 2021, with the condition that MiHoYo will develop and pay attention to the gaming community as well as take care of the storyline and gameplay mechanics of Genshin Impact in the best possible way.