Among Us: an easy way for you to win if you play Imposter

Imposter has an edge over certain abilities, but not so that it’s easy to win Among us.

Becoming an Imposter In Between Us requires a lot of deception abilities, in-game mechanics know-how, and map position information. 

In this post, we’re going to explore some of the most obnoxious tips and tricks to play as an Imposter

1) Claim to be on duty

A gamer will quickly get rid of human crime and annoy Crowmates if he pretends to be on a quest in the game. It increases the probability of an alibi, and so, during an emergency conversation or briefing, an impostor could use this alibi to prove his innocence.

2) Sneak down the other player in the middle of the crowd

If many players are next to each other, you can take advantage of them and kill them. When a bunch of crew members gathered in one place, they arranged one behind the other so that the people in the back appeared to be concealed.

3) Pay attention to the camera

Impostors do not neglect the presence of cameras on the map of The Skeld and Polus in Among Us. Players see a variety of cameras on the walls of both maps, so the Imposter should be very careful not to stab someone in front of these machines.

If red blinking lights show on these monitors, the gamers should be careful, because someone may be watching. 

4) Sale of pipe 

Winds are one of the most valuable aspects of the game in Among Us, and any Imposter should know how to use them. The player should use the post-kills vent for a quick getaway, but he / she must make sure that no one sees him / her venting his rage.

After going down the vents, taping the arrows to pick your favorite space to run and hide will help keep the Imposter game alive. 

5) Use graffiti wisely 

Vandalism is still welcomed as an impostor between us, wherever possible, but gamers must be wise to use this feature properly. After beating the crew, they will hit the destruction map and sabotage the opposite pole position from the kill point.